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Child, adolescent & young adult Interventions and therapy: About Me
Rock in Sand

 Therapy for children, adolescents and families

Therapy for children, adolescents and families in North London

We have several years' experience of working for local NHS CAMHS and Paediatric services. We offer a range of psychological therapies for children and adolescents who are navigating life's challenges. We can help with a range of difficulties, including anxiety, low mood, low self-esteem, trauma, school-based difficulties, transitions, and relationship problems.


We are flexible in our approach and aim to meet the needs of each individual.  Therapies include cognitive-behavioural, systemic, narrative, solution-focussed, EMDR and NET. We also draw on creative modalities such as play and arts. We liaise with schools, where appropriate. 

Image by Bernard Hermant

Support for parents and families


In addition to our therapeutic work with children and adolescents, we also provide a safe, supportive and understanding therapeutic space for parents who may be concerned about their child or who would like to reflect on ideas for supporting their child and/or strengthening their relationships with their child.


Our parent or family sessions may be the main therapeutic work that we provide to you, or it may form part of the therapy that we offer to your child. Our therapy with parents and families is underpinned by  a range of psychological approaches, depending on the goals of the work. 

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