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Child, adolescent & young adult Interventions and therapy: About Me
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 Therapy for young adults

Therapy for young adults in North London

At Spring Psychology, we recognise young adulthood as a unique time of independence, identity formation, relationship exploration and career development. It can be a period of tremendous growth but can also be filled with challenges such as anxiety, low mood, uncertainty, transitions, and relationship difficulties. It is also a time when someone might for the first time be seeking to address issues from their childhood such as bullying, family difficulties, and trauma.

You may be a young adult looking for therapy at this time. As psychologists who have worked extensively with young adults, we understand the importance of creating a space that is safe and containing, in order to enable you to come to therapy with openness and honesty. We really value hearing about young adults' strengths, qualities and values as well as areas of challenge.

You are welcome to attend sessions on your own or you are welcome to bring someone to the sessions who you feel can make a valuable contribution, such as a parent or partner.

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