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Child, adolescent & young adult Interventions and therapy: About Me

 Therapy for Parents & Families 

We provide a safe, supportive and understanding therapeutic space for parents who may be concerned about their child or who would like to explore some strategies and ideas for supporting their child and/or strengthening their relationships with their child. Our parent or family sessions may be the main therapeutic work that we provide to you, or it may form part of the therapy that we offer to your child. Our therapy with parents and families draw on a range of psychological approaches, depending on the goals of the work. These include cognitive-behavioural, narrative, systemic, and solution focussed. 

You may want to start by sending us an email and letting us know a bit about what support you are looking for. We may also find it useful to have a brief initial conversation on the telephone to find out about your / your child's situation and for us to answer any questions you have. 

If an initial consultation (assessment) is arranged, we will think through with you who might be best to attend. To begin with, for the first session, we may just meet with parents/carers as this allows space for you to talk openly about your concerns. This is particularly helpful for younger children, but may also be helpful for older children and teenagers too. We will then usually offer a second consultation session where we may also meet your child. Our aim here is to engage with them, get to know them and ensure they are part of the decision making process.  For young children we will use drawing, toys and play to help with engagement and getting to know your child. 


These initial consultation/assessment sessions will be an opportunity to find out more about what you are wanting help with. We will want to know about a child's interests, hobbies and what makes them come alive as well as areas of challenge. We will ask about your best hopes for the work and a plan will be made together about best next steps. This plan will include the parent / family sessions that we may have together. 

As with all our therapieswe want to ensure the therapy feels comfortable, safe and of course helpful, so we may agree a set number of sessions and ensure that we regularly review with you. 

Image by Bernard Hermant
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