Therapy groups

Spring Psychology provides specialist therapeutic groups for children and adolescents. Our innovative and effective groups are underpinned by a combination of narrative, cognitive-behavioural and mindfulness therapy models. Above all, they have been designed in accordance with our key values and our fundamental belief in children and young people’s internal resource and strength.

Our groups aim to help children and young people enhance their capacity to:

1) recognise their unique strengths, skills and personal qualities;

2) be aware of and understand their feelings, thoughts and behaviours; and

3) deal with challenges that they are faced with.

Our therapy groups include:

Mighty Me – An empowering group, aimed at building self-esteem, for children aged 8-11 years

Mellow Moments – An anxiety management group for adolescents

Calm Kids – A group for young children aged 5 – 8, aimed at building confidence and developing emotional regulation

Cool Moves – A transitions group for children in year 6, focussed on supporting their transition to secondary school

Circles of Change – A group to help children talk about difficult times and to build their resilience, aimed at children 8 years and over.

Please contact us to find out more. Please note we are able to adapt the group programmes to be delivered on an individual basis or as part of family work.


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