• Therapy room to rent in London

    If you are looking for a therapy room to rent in London look no further than UK Therapy Rooms. They list rooms of all types from talking therapy rooms to fitness studios and treatment clinics. Take a look at here: Therapy rooms to rent in London
  • Offering children choices

    How many choices did you make today? What to wear? What to eat for breakfast? Did you choose to shower first or brush your teeth? What did you choose for lunch? Who did you choose to see or talk to today? Now, think about your child’s day. How many choices did he or she make? […]
  • ‘Safe place’ relaxation exercise

    Our imaginations are powerful: what we think, what we create in our minds can have a very real physiological and emotional effect on us. The ‘Safe Place’ exercise draws on this. It is a guided imagery, relaxation exercise that can reduce anxiety, offer a break away from overwhelming feelings, and help children and adults face life challenges […]
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