• Kindling kindness

    Self-compassion. It is a phrase often used, but what does it mean and, most importantly, how do we do it? Self-compassion may best be understood as: relating to ourselves with empathy, understanding, kindness and acceptance. The process of self-compassion begins early: we are born with a biological, innate ability to give and receive care, and our […]
  • Perceptions of children/young people: ideas and implications

    At any given time, societies – and their people – hold various ideas about what constitutes “childhood”. These notions are culture-bound: they differ according to personal, social, economic, political and cultural contexts. In the Victorian era, for example, children were regarded as economic assets – expected to work long hours in order to contribute financially to […]
  • Cool Moves: Supporting children through change and transition

    This term, we are privileged to be working with some London primary schools, helping to prepare their year 6 pupils for their transition to secondary school. This has been incredibly exciting and inspirational: we are witnessing in children a growing sense of resilience as they discover and develop their capacity to manage the various emotional, […]
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